How to Calculate Weighted Grade in the Right Way?

How to Calculate Weighted Grade in the Right Way?
Table of Contents
  1. How to Calculate Weighted Grade in the Right Way?
  2. What is a Weighted Grade?
  3. Tips on How to Find Out Weighted Grade
  4. Weighted average grade vs average grade
  5. What is the Easiest Way to Determine the Grade?

Suppose you are sitting in the examination committee and are evaluating applicants who want to enter the university. There is only one free place and your task is to choose a worthy one. The first thing that usually comes to mind is to calculate the classic average score using the standard Excel function with the same name. Imagine that there are five applicants and nine disciplines you need to evaluate. At first glance, it seems: the person with the maximum score suits best. But here you recall: your faculty is “Programming”, and the student with the maximum has excellent scores only in drawing, singing, and physical education, but he/she has low grades in Math and Computer Science. The question arises: how to calculate weighted grade or in other words how to assign different importance (value) to the necessary subjects to take it into account when calculating the score? And here the weighted average grade comes to the rescue.

What is a Weighted Grade?

It is the average taking into account the different values ( importance) of each of the elements. For example, in business, the weighted average is often used in tasks such as:

  • Valuation of a stock portfolio when each of them has its own value/risk;
  • Assessment of project progress when tasks have not equal weight and importance;
  • Assessment of staff on the set of skills (competencies) with different significance for the required position, etc. 

A weighted score is an automatically calculated student’s performance indicator that takes into account the importance of each type of work for which marks are given. Employees of the educational organization set “weight” for each type of work. It can be selected between 1 and 10 and displays how important this work is. For example, 

  1. Homework, weight = 2; 
  2. Test = 5; 
  3. Term paper = 8; 
  4. Final exam = 10.

Tips on How to Find Out Weighted Grade

So, how to calculate grade in the class? Make a table with the names of students and their scores in all the disciplines. Then, add one more column to the table, where you’ll indicate some dimensionless points of importance of each subject on a scale from 0 to 9 when entering the necessary faculty. Then, you should take into account each applicant’s score, i.e. average taking into account the weight of each item. The SUMPRODUCT function multiplies pairs of cells in the two indicated ranges — the applicants ’grades and the weight of each subject — and then summarizes all the works received. Then, the amount received is divided by the sum of all the important points in order to get the necessary result. That’s it. 

Weighted average grade vs average grade

The average grade is the sum of all ratings divided by their number. The weighted average grade demonstrates a more objective indicator of academic performance.

Weighted average score = (the sum of the products of the estimates for their weights)/(the sum of the weights of these estimates). Have a look at the example: "5" and "4" set for the test; “3” is set for the answer in the lesson. Weight of work: test = 10 points, the answer in the lesson = 1 point.

  • Weighted average score = (5 * 10 + 3 * 1 + 4 * 10) / (10 + 1 + 10) = 4.43.
  • The average score under the same conditions = (5 + 4 +3)/3 = 4.

But since the test papers are more important, and they were written on positive grades, the average score showed that the student knows the material by 4.43, and not by 4 exactly, increasing his/her chances of getting “5” for the term.

Note: The average score is available in diaries and magazines if the administrators of the educational organization have included it. If there is no such indicator in the student’s diary and in the app “Analytics of estimates”, then either the weight of the work is not assigned or the weighted score is not used at all. 

What is the Easiest Way to Determine the Grade?

Want to find out what your grade is? Nothing is easier than that if using a final grade calculator. Even if you have never heard about it before, you won’t experience any difficulties when using an online calculator. So, how to use a grade calculator? You need to fill out the fields with the grade and its weight (as many as you have) and press “Calculate”. One of the advantages of using such calculators is the possibility to save time and avoid mistakes. 

Would you like to determine a grade where all assignments have different percentages? Then, do this quickly and effectively using the calculator that has been created to make this job easier.