How to Calculate Grade Based on Percentages

How to Calculate Grade Based on Percentages
Table of Contents
  1. How to Calculate Grade Based on Percentages
  2. Step 1. Determine Grading Policy
  3. Step 2. Calculate Category Averages
  4. Step 3. Convert Weighted Grade Percentages
  5. Step 4. Calculate the Averages
  6. Step 5. Determine Total Grade
  7. Summary / Conclusion

Depending on the significance and level of the homework, different teachers have various scales to evaluate your tasks, tests, and quizzes. Usually, some big tasks and important tests account for most of the score because they include more subject material. Sometimes, it's difficult for students to understand how their grades add up. If you want to know the main formulas on how to calculate grades with percentages, read this useful guide. You will see it's very easy to calculate your grades and know your current situation in school. Just follow five simple steps below.

Step 1. Determine Grading Policy

At the very beginning, you need to understand the grading policy of your professor. It means to define how each category of tasks is weighted. Usually, the professor announces this information in the class. If you didn't hear it or the professor didn't say, we recommend checking the course syllabus or reading the school policy. But of course, the most effective way is to ask your professor directly because he or she may have some preferences in weighting marks without updating them in online reports. As an example, your professor can weigh 35 percent of the total score to homework, 40 to tests, and 25 percent to quizzes.

Step 2. Calculate Category Averages

Then you need to calculate averages of categories. It's easy to do: just add up all of your scores in each category and then divide by the number of tasks for this category. It may seem a bit confused but a simple example will be very helpful:

For example, you have 5 quizzes with scores of 89, 76, 99, 85, and 90. If you add up all the scores, you will get 439. Then you need to divide the total sum by 5 and get your quiz average of 87.8 percent. 

Step 3. Convert Weighted Grade Percentages

The next step is converting mark percentages to a decimal value. You need to divide the percentage you got in the previous step by 100. For example, if quizzes are weighted 25, the decimal value is 0.25 (25 / 100 - 0.25). Please keep in mind that you have to convert grade percentages by repeating this formula for each section (tests, homework, etc.)

Step 4. Calculate the Averages

To calculate the total points out of 100, you have to multiply weight for each category (in decimal value) by the average. For example, if your quizzes weight is 25, and its average is 87.8, the points for your total grade out of 100 will be 21.95 (0.25 x 87.8). Do not forget to repeat this formula for other categories of your subject. Keep in mind you can raise your course score by additional corrections and projects. Just talk to your professor about it, and do your best to get the better grades if you are not happy with the current situation. 

Step 5. Determine Total Grade

It's the last step on how to calculate grades with percentages. You need to add all the results of each category you've got on Step 4 to find out your total grade. For example, if you got 21.95 for quizzes, 38.79 for homework, and 24.65 for tests, your total grade is 85.39 percent. Most colleges use a 4-point scale where A requires more than 90 percent, B ranges between 80 and 90, C from 70 to 80, and D from 60 to 70 percent. It's understandable that if you have a final grade up to 70, it means you've got an F - it is a failing grade. Marks can be range different in various schools. It depends on their professors and colleges' requirements. For example, some schools range the A score at 92 and B at 83. 

Summary / Conclusion

As you can see, it's not so difficult to calculate marks in college and know your situation without wasting time. Remember that you can always talk to your professor and get some additional tasks if you desire to raise your total grade. Just keep this issue under control and set your goals for the future.

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