Benefits from using our Case Converter

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How to use the Case Converter?

Of course, text case issues are to be fixed. However, there are still some other important aspects to be addressed in your writing. Plagiarism, paper structure, vocabulary, and grammar mistakes - these are to be resolved as well.

  •  static img tools case-converter Copy-paste the text into the input area.
  •  static img tools case-converter Select the proper option.
  •  static img tools case-converter Get the re-formatted text.
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Why use our Case Converter?

This online converter helps you easily fix capitalization in your documents and perfectly fits those searching how to change the text look or size in your paper quickly.

Maybe you have typed the doc with the Caps Lock being accidentally on - no worries! This handy web application will help you make sure that the text file has all the correct capitalization.

How Case Converter works

This practical software provides you with all text variations you need - just choose the proper one.

There is no revolutionary technology behind our converting tool, so no special knowledge or skills are required from you to use the solution. Simply put the text you want to convert to the input field and pick any of the below options:

Lower case all letters are small
Proper case Every First Letter Is Capitalized
Sentence case Only the first word in a sentence is capitalized