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How to use Thesis Statement Generator

Extremely easy, simply fill out the form and stick to the below recommendations. As a result, the tool will generate as many topic sentences as you need so that you could pick a topic sentence reflecting your writing at 100%.

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Fill out the form without using full sentences, write down brief statements.

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Just copy-paste pieces of text addressing your paper topic into the box.

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Do not use full stops, commas, periods, or capital letters in your answers.

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Click on the “Generate Thesis” button to get samples of your statement.

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Generate as many theses as you need and choose the one that perfectly suits you.

How Thesis Statement Generator works

Regardless of the assignment type and topic/ subject being covered, it is impossible to deliver a quality work without a thesis statement. If you have no clue how to craft a winning topic sentence and are puzzled over this issue for hours, then our online Thesis Statement Generator will be of great service to you. Get your perfect result in a couple of clicks!

There is no need to waste lots of your time anymore - 2 minutes will be more than enough for you to get your thesis generated by our free tool. No special knowledge or skills are required from you - just type in your topic, paper key idea, and several arguments. That’s it! The tool will analyze the submitted data and generate statements that address your topic in full, taking into account key arguments and terms being submitted by you.

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Types and examples of thesis statements

The trickiest thing is that theses can be of different types - each serving a particular purpose and requiring a different approach. Thus, a thesis statement of a narrative essay is not the same as a topic sentence of a research paper. Fortunately, our helping tool addresses these issues. Owing to the smart technology and high-end data analyzing logic, the tool can create a well-directed idea for absolutely any paper in accordance with the essay type. Here are some of the thesis statement sample options to choose from.