It is sometimes essential to know the exact number of words to be covered in your writing. Whether you are a student who receives an academic paper assignment to fill a certain number of pages or a freelancer looking to calculate your prices, our special converter will make your life easier. Guessing aside - simply fill out our form and get an immediate and precise calculation!

How many words are in one page?

Or how many pages is 500 words? Want to know the approx. number of pages to cover? Use our handy table to be precise when it comes to word count yields, or make use of our special converter.

  • 250 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 0.5 page
  • 300 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 0.6 page
  • 400 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 0.8 page
  • 500 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1 page
  • 600 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1.3 page
  • 750 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1.5 page
  • 800 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1.6 page
  • 1000 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 2 page
  • 250 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1 Page
  • 300 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1.3 page
  • 400 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 1.6 page
  • 500 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 2 page
  • 600 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 2.7 page
  • 750 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 3 page
  • 800 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 3.2 page
  • 1000 words, 12pt, Arial ~ 4 page
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What are the benefits of using our Word to Page Converter?

Save time!

Immediate results, maximum convenience! Just specify font style/ size, spacing specs, a format, number of words, and the program will convert the words to pages.

Save money!

Use whenever you want, as much as you want! No account registering or subscriptions. Convert texts as many times as you actually need.

Save efforts!

Be precise in your writing! No need to spend your time and effort writing odd words/ sentences - just focus on the requirements and adhere to the word count criteria set by a tutor.

Why use our Word to Page Converter?

Why might you need to use our special converter? There are several reasons why this tool will be useful to you. For instance, your tutor might assign you to write an essay covering a certain number of words strict. Thus, if you exceed the limit, you are penalized. You might also be a freelance writer looking for a solution to calculate a price quote. No matter what your case is, it’s difficult to determine the specific number of words to be covered.

If you need help with the calculation, do not hesitate to use our tool. The calculator is easy and convenient to use.

How to use the Word to Page Converter?

  • Step 1 - Choose a citation style

    Specify the number of words to be converted.

  • Step 2 - Fill out the form

    Select the proper font style, size, spacing specs, units, margins, and format your paper will adhere to.

  • Step 3 - Click the “Generate” button

    Get the results automatically.

The solution is precise and doesn’t require any special efforts from you. Just spend 2 minutes on filling out the form and get results immediately!

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How Word to Page converter works

The best thing about the solution is that it is flexible and can be used for any type of calculation you need. When converting words, the solution takes into account font style/ size, text spacing/ margins, as well as a paper format. As a result, based on the text parameters, you get the exact number of papers to cover the words you have indicated. By changing any of the parameters, you get new results - different from the previous ones.

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