How to Calculate Grade - Tips to Save You Time

How to Calculate Grade - Tips to Save You Time
Table of Contents
  1. How to Calculate Grade - Tips to Save You Time
  2. What is a GPA?
  3. How to calculate your current grade?
  4. How to calculate your grade if a study is not completed?
  5. How to specify a GPA in an application for admission
  6. Indicate the maximum GPA
  7. Enter a university of your dream

No matter if you are a university or a high school graduate, you need to know your average grade of the certificate obtained. It may be required from an applicant when entering a university or when applying for a job. That’s why this figure is so important; however, knowing how to calculate a grade is of no less significance. If you are stuck with the process, then the post is for you. Here, we will tell you what the GPA is, how to correctly determine your average grade, and whether it is necessary to take into account the offsets.

What is a GPA?

If you come to read this post, then you might probably know what a GPA is. In case you come across the abbreviation for the first time, a GPA is the average mark of a diploma or certificate, which serves as a general indicator of academic performance of a student. When filling out an application for preparatory programs, a GPA is needed to be provided to many universities. Based on it, the admissions committee decides whether to accept your application or reject it. So an incorrect grade can make you rejected; therefore, the task is worth approaching with the full responsibility. 

How to calculate your current grade?

When assessing the GPA, all grades indicated in the certificate or diploma are taken into account. These may be final grades: for subjects, term papers, dissertations, the State Exam, etc. If the document on the education is in your hands, it is not necessary to write down any intermediate points that are put in your school electronic journal or grade book. The next point concerns only students is whether it is necessary to take into account assignment and test results, and if so, how exactly to include them in the formula. 

If your teachers follow a 4-point system to assess knowledge plus “credit / loss,” you can find out the GPA percentage using one of the two ways. The easiest way to find out the GPA is to simply sum all the grades from the diploma and divide the sum you get by the number of subjects. However, a more accurate way is to determine the average score taking into account the time spent on each item- it is more precise because different courses have a different “weight.” For example, you cannot equate the introductory course which took 50 hours to the main course assignments lasting more than 200 hours.

Another important aspect of the calculation is that subjects that brought you offsets are most often not taken into account. However, we recommend clarifying the information at the university where you are applying to. In some cases, credit is equated to “excellent,” and if you do not take this requirement into account, your GPA will be significantly lower.

The arithmetic average percentages of both school performance and diploma grades are obtained according to the formula:

  • GPA = “sum of all grades received” divided by the “total number of subjects.”

In case you decide to determine the GPA based taking into account class hours per each course, the formula will look the following way:

  •  GPA= “sum of the multiplication of all grades by the number of hours” divided by the “sum of all class hours”

The second formula is more precise and allows you to access your academic work with the maximal accuracy. In case you do not have any means to do all these operations yourself, you can always use online services to multiply and get the final percent. Thus, you prevent yourself from making a fatal flaw.

In the world university practice, the most common are several weighted methods of getting the average grade. So, in Britain, they often do not take into account grades from the first courses, while in the USA and Europe, they consider the average score taking into account the class hours. So it is a different category.

In order to assess their chances of entering a particular university, American and European students should find out their average grade and, possibly, transfer it to another educational system (in case they are applying to a foreign educational establishment). To do this, they use an online calculator, but it is important to note that the result that they get when transferred to a foreign educational system is not official. The official transfer of GPA to other educational systems is carried out by special organizations

How to calculate your grade if a study is not completed?

As a rule, admission to some universities begins in an academic year or a half. If you are still studying at the time, you can independently assess the average grade based on intermediate current grades in order to assess your chances of entering the university of your dream. In this case, the basis to get the GPA can take estimates for:

  1. Only completed courses with final grades being already set;
  2. All completed and most recent grades given to the courses being attended.

When sending the official application to the university (if the certificate has not yet been received), the applicant must provide a transcript - a letter with grades, with the average grade being indicated. In addition, you should inform the university the timing when the final grades will be ready to be shared - obtain the information from a teacher.

How to specify a GPA in an application for admission

The rule of specifying the GPA in the application is simple: you just need to indicate not only the average grade but also inform the admissions committee the maximum possible grade on your program (in case you are applying to a foreign university). For example, if you have following a 5-score grading system in your university/ school and your average grade is 4.1, then in the application to be sent to admission, you need to write “the GPA 4.1 out of 5.”

Indicate the maximum GPA 

When reporting the average diploma grade, do not forget to indicate the maximum possible grade. You should also add the diploma of the first higher education or the transcript of the applicant to the application, so the university will, in any case, see all the scores.

Enter a university of your dream

It is not always easy to enter a university or to land the job of your dream. However, the accurately assessed GPA may considerably increase your chances of being accepted. So it is never a good idea to neglect this task. We do hope that after reading this post, you do not have a question “how to calculate my grade.”